Are you a captive portal solution provider?


Make life of your customers easier. Instead of running hundreds of lines of code to install your solution, they just have to launch our app!

Cut costs

Is setting up your captive portal confusing for your target audience? Does it require your support team to take the matters into their hands? Not anymore!


Do you want to stay a step or two ahead of your competition? Focus on the exciting part, while we take care of the boring part.

Why is it worth it?

Customers struggle with installing captive portal solutions. And if they’re not, your support team is.

  • Boot the terminal on your computer
  • Paste hundreds of lines of code
  • Upload HTML configuration files
  • Change guest DHCP pools
  • Adjust SSIDs
  • Reconfigure access points

or simply use…

Join us – it’s fully white label!

CPI is available for all top platforms

How does it work for you clients?

We make the boring part fun and simple. If you’re interested in the process, here’s how we do it.

Download & launch Captive Portal Installer application

Open the app and leave it running in the background

Open the captive portal dashboard to see the list of discovered network devices

Click “Install” on th chosen ones and enjoy your WiFi

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